Ablaut – episodio 37 – 12/06/2023

“The examination of sound begins with a phenomenology. It is this style of thinking which concentrates an intense examination on experience in its multifaceted, complex, and essential forms. Nothing is easier than a ‘phenomenology’, because each person has her experience and may reflect on it. Nothing is more ‘familiar’ than our own experience, and nothing is closer to ourselves. Potentially anyone can do a ‘phenomenology’.
But nothing is harder than a phenomenology, precisely because the very familiarity of our experience makes it hide itself from us. Like glasses for our eyes, our experience remains silently and unseeingly presupposed, unthematized. It contains within itself the uninterrogated and overlooked beliefs and actions that we daily live through but do not critically examine”

Don Ihde – Listening and Voice: Phenomenologies of Sound (2007)

Qui la puntata.


Debit – 1st day
LXV – messenger
Lamin Fonfana – Resounding Water
Space Afrika – Uwem Creation
Jan Jelinek – Waiting and watching (version)
The Ephemeron Loop – Lattice Dysmorphism of Lysothymic Oneiroid
Adrian Moore – Study In Ink
Fennesz – Never Returning
Fred Again..And Brian Eno – I Saw You
Vanessa Amara – Piano I
Gi Gi – Montjuic

Ablaut rivela uno spazio uditivo attraversato da mutazioni tematiche e propone corrispondenze e possibili percorsi d’ascolto generati negli ultimi tre decenni di produzioni elettroniche. A cura di Fabrizio Nisi