SHAMELESS, Beautiful Disaster


Alexx Michael, the modern, German version of Marc Bolan, is back along with the cat and the fox of the old school sleaze glam rock n’roll, Steve Summers, of Pretty Boy Floyd fame, and Stevie Rachelle, Tuff singer and Metal Sludge website mastermind. This is, without a doubt, the best album of Shameless since ‘Queen 4 a Day’ and also the one that best focuses and increases the charisma and personality of a band that has seen as many musicians as the participants of a gang bang from the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, guests are always welcome by the extended family of Shameless, and this time one of the most unusual ones is definitely Cherie Currie (former Runaways), who beautifully sings in favor of lunar ballad ‘You’re not Comin’ Home ‘, feverish rocker ‘Dear Mum’ and catchy cover of ‘Life’s a Gas’ (T-Rex / Marc Bolan). For the rest, the roles are assigned to the vocal duo Rachelle/Summers, drummer Tod T Burr and guitarist Michael Thomas, as well as the leader/bassist Alexx Michael. The less dispersive songwriting benefits from that and hits the mark, especially with the smash hit ‘You’re not Cinderella’, thanks to its Hollywoodian guitar frame and harmonies, and ‘Train To Hell’, where lyrics and arrangements are brought into play with modernity, using a more obscure and unpredictable approach.


01. Greed Is God
02. Dear Mum
03. You’re Not Cinderella
04. Forever Ends Today
05. Fiction & Reality
06. You’re Not Comin’ Home
07. Train To Hell
08. Eighteen
09. Hold On To Your Dreams
10. Rock N Roll Girls
11. Life’s A Gas (T. Rex cover)