REDRUM, Victims Of Our Circumstances


Rock warriors from Thessaloniki (Greece) Athan ‘Lyssa’ Kazakis, Panos Baxevanis, Thanos Sarketzis and Alex Kidd, led by stainless Michael Bormann’s pipes, are back with a vengeance, thanks to an album that consecrates their indisputable depth and ability to stimulate an aspect of the boundless rock planet, where it is easy to repeat, repeat oneself and even recycle. With a name inspired by the novel The Shining by Stephen King – “murder” if spelled backwards – Redrum proposes a redundant hard rocking melting pot, stirred by melodic tendencies which, in part, refer to European neoclassical tradition and, on the other side, to American power rock, with some bluesy, though radio-friendly, hints every now and then. There is enough room for a good dose of Rainbow, reinterpreted in the style of Axel Rudi Pell and Sinner (see ‘Scream’ and ‘Tear Down The Walls’), as well as a romantic, at times beautifully painful, street poetry, akin to Bon Jovi (‘Empty Promises’ and ‘Mother, I’m Coming Home’). Plus, add the peremptory and most mystic harmonies of Bonfire, Jaded Heart and Dokken (‘Tear Down The Walls’ and ‘Dirty White Boy’) and lyrics that flee from easy stereotypes without missing an opportunity to entertain (‘Pokerface’). This is Redrum in 2013 and I am sure you will like them more than before. I hope the ride will continue according to these parameters and that this Hellenic/Teutonic alliance will persevere on its path of brotherhood.


01. One Of Us
02. Scream
03. You Can’t Buy No Hero
04. Dust In Your Eyes
05. Empty Promises
06. Pokerface
07. Dirty White Boy
08. Mother I´M Coming Home
09. Tear Down The Walls
10. Have A Nice Day
11. Victims Of Our Circumstances
12. You’re The Voice