PLAYER, Too Many Reasons

Too Many Reasons

After many years, Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss (of The Bold and the Beautiful fame), two veterans for whom the world of show biz has no secrets, confront with their music history, dotted at first with a sudden success, thanks to the one hit wonder ‘Baby Come Back’. It was the late 70’s, but since then the ability to write and play catchy songs has not changed. Indeed, perhaps maturity and experience have completed and closed their creative circle, because these new thirteen tracks do not rely only on a cynical melodic magnetism, typical of the Westcoast/AOR genre, but they also show a certain level of introspection and – why not – simple compositional honesty. Somehow, this in an album characterized by a romantic/existentialist mood, but in a minimalist way, not too demanding but, all in all, a more than pleasant one.

Well done, guys.

Overview: if you’re into Survivor, Stan Bush and 80’s Cheap Trick.


01. Man On Fire
02. Precious
03. I Will
04. Tell Me
05. The Sins Of Yesterday
06. My Addiction
07. Too Many Reasons
08. To The Extreme
09. The Words You Say
10. Life In Color
11. A Part Of Me
12. Kites
13. Nothin’ Like You
14. Baby Come Back