Come dicevamo, ci sarà un album a firma Full Of Hell e Primitive Man: in ascolto “Tunnels To God”

I fatti sono tutti nella notizia precedente. Dopo Rubble Home, la strana coppia (ci troviamo ai poli opposti del metal estremo) condivide gli undici minuti di “Tunnels To God”, la traccia che conclude il disco.

A bloated conscience, distended and swollen
Fires signals like flares to merging nerve endings
A moldering subconscious, like a lantern through fog
shrieks through the current, overwhelmed with ruin
Trepanation for future joys
A world without fear
Tunnels to God
A wet bleeding hole within the time wound
Irreconcilable existence
This wet noise of unending need
Chaining my soul to the in between
Worse than hell
Undefinable suffering: punishment built for the spiritually blind
Crushing weight of nothing.
Now a gift to all his children, the absence of non-existence
Worse than hell


Trepanation For Future Joys
Rubble Home
Dwindling Will
Tunnels To God