Coltaine e kariti: le date italiane a febbraio ’23

L’abbiamo seguita sin dall’inizio, basta vedere questo link, abbiamo già segnalato il suo tour precedente coi Coltaine, quindi – visto che abbiamo portato bene – ecco il bis del 2023. In grassetto le date italiane.

Coltaine + Kariti – Tales of Southern Lands European Tour 2023

17/02 Stuttgart DE / Schwarzer Keiler
18/02 Frieburg DE / Artik
19/02 Strasbourg FR / Le Local
20/02 Zurich CH / Ebrietas
21/02 Dijon FR / TBA
22/02 Lyon FR / Le Farmer
23/02 Milano IT / C.I.Q.
24/02 Bologna IT / Circolo DEV
25/02 Schio IT / CSA Arcadia
26/02 Trieste IT / Round Midnight

28/02 Ljubjana SI / Channel Zero
01/03 Zagreb HR / Mocvara
02/03 Budapest / The Riff
03/03 Bratislava SK / Kulturak Klub
04/03 Vienna AT / Rhiz
05/03 Prague CZ / Balada Bar
06/03 Wroclaw PL / TBA
07/03 Berlin DE / Tommy Haus
09/03 Kiel DE / Schaubude
10/03 Dortmund DE / Rattenloch
11/03 Karsruhe / P8

Poster Artwork by M.M. Muench
Layout by Julia Frasch

La stampa sui Coltaine The idiosyncratic, original mixture of black metal, doom metal, sludge and (new) stoner rock is presented here even more compelling and precise. COLTAINE still mix lava riffs with black metal saws, are sometimes slowly viscous, sometimes hectically blasting, here grooving, there progressively intricate.

The Obelisk: ...a swell of blackened heavy psych rock and atmospheric density.. … so varied, so unique…i absolutely loved it from track one…midway through the album i realized i was completely taken…moody and gothy, but never cheesy… savage music

La stampa su kariti

Cvlt Nation: viscerally beautiful and haunting dark folk that sees our pain and holds a healing hand over it

Astral Noize: alluring strain of dark folk manages to blend the ethereal with the real… folk instrumentation paired with celestial croons that radiate over the stripped-back guitar.

The Obelisk: that the style in which kariti is immersed has taken on the trappings of a genre does precious little to undercut the emotional impact being made by the material and the album’s execution, and while its power is quiet, it nonetheless exists.