Ablaut – episodio 43 – 08/01/2024

Riguardo “Part 2” di Lettera 22.

“Music has to do with sounds, so we need to find them somewhere and it is preferred to find musical ones. You have two sources for sounds: noises, which always tell you something — a door cracking, a dog barking, the thunder, the storm; and then you have instruments. An instrument tells you, ‘la-la-la-la’. Music has to find a passage between noises and instruments. It has to escape. It has to find a compromise and an evasion at the same time; something that would not be dramatic because that has no interest to us, but something that would be more interesting than sounds like Do-Re-Mi-Fa…”

Electronic Musician magazine, December 1986

Qui la puntata.


Fabio Perletta – Senza titolo V
Artificial Memory Trace – Ptakodisk
Ssabae – Structures Chaotiques
Lamin Fonfana – Toc Sos
Static Cleaner Lost Reward – Submerging Emergency
Goat – Modal Flower
Nondi_ – FCD (Floaty Cloud Dream)
James Holden – In The End You’ll Know
Ena – 5.5
L.F.T. – No More Tears
Dj Trystero – Gutter
Qow – Kol Maghanni ft. Mariana Jouzova
Dario Moroldo – La Grazia

Ablaut rivela uno spazio uditivo attraversato da mutazioni tematiche e propone corrispondenze e possibili percorsi d’ascolto generati negli ultimi tre decenni di produzioni elettroniche. A cura di Fabrizio Nisi