W.E.T., Rise Up

Rise Up

The dream continues.

There is something that completes me in W.E.T.’s music, something exciting, sincere, which makes a part of my musical background worthy of respect, up to date, livable and consistent in all its aspects. If it is oriented towards adults or to the entirety of an album, if it is more melodic or less, I do not care. I’ll leave these details to scribblers. I prefer rules to be set by what goes through my skin and it tells me that W.E.T. makes some almighty music, transversal to the tastes of any listener. If you listen to pop, they’ll catch you, make you sing along and dance (‘Bad Boy’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘Learn To Live Again’), if you listen to rock, they will make you shake your head and play the air guitar (‘Rise up’, ‘The Moment’, ‘On The Run’), if you listen to soul or R&B, they will give more strength and depth to the dramatic nature of your feelings (‘Broken Wings’, ‘Still Believe in us’, ‘Love Heals’). A Swedish ensemble of top musicians and songwriters (Erik Martensson and Robert Sall), and an unstoppable singer from Brooklyn, with a habit of singing like Seal and Sam Cooke. This is the melting pot of perfection, one of the best humanistic products of globalization in the new millennium.


01. Walk Away
02. Learn To Live Again
03. Rise Up
04. Love Heals
05. What You Want
06. The Moment
07. Bad Boy
08. On The Run
09. Broken Wings
10. Shot
11. Still Believe In Us
12. Still Unbroken