Siren On The Moon

Only five songs but how many emotions and moods can flow in the span of twenty minutes. A blessed collaboration between east and west, between two musical cultures and social antipodes couldn’t help to create music that goes beyond the concept of universal. Peri Pastor, in fact, is an American singer and an incredibly gifted songwriter, able to switch from baritone tones to graceful and heavenly vocalisms, while Val Gaina is a Russian guitarist, known thanks to the militancy in multimillion record seller band Kruiz and to his multicolored virtuosity. The two have shuffled the cards on the table, making a mockery of labels, and delivered some truly original and expressive compositions. So if ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ shows the shadows of Sisters of Mercy and the impetuosity of Billy Idol, ‘Smile’ hangs up there in the air like a piece of the brightest repertoire from 30 Seconds To Mars, burdened by the weight of Led Zeppelin. If ‘Make Our Way’ is a sweet surrender to a winking and approachable pop rock ala Maroon 5, ‘Hero’ is a dark descent into the land of the Neue Deutsche Härte, with his massive tempo akin to Rammstein. Despite all this eclecticism, Siren On The Moon handles everything with charisma, which surely will not be limited, I hope, to this EP.


o1. Auf Wiedersehen
o2. Hero
o3. Smile
o4. Through the fire
o5. Make our way