Poptones #98 (KVB, Swansea Sound, Tex Perkins…)

Nella puntata n. 98 di Poptones, Gabriele Savioli presenta alcune delle ultime uscite del 2021, prima parte dedicata alle ristampe e seconda parte dedicata alle novità.


Redskins – Keep on Keepin’ on (Die on your feet 12” Ted De Bono Mix)
Redskins – Names were named (live at SWAPO Festival, Italy 1986)
Adam Roth and his Band of Men – Now you’re runnin’
The Dents – Why do you do?
The Dents – Do the boob
The Honeymoon Killers – Fannie Mae
Soursob – Blow
Low Life – Hammer and the fist
Clinic – Fantasy Island
KVB – Lumen
Swansea Sound – Let it happen
Tex Perkins and the Fat Rubber Band – For a love long gone

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