T&N, Slave To The Empire

Slave To The Empire

Every empire has its slaves, but also its brave rebels. Revolutionary George Lynch, guitarist with the bulkiest style, class, charisma and talent on the planet of hard n’ heavy music, has long been a full force rocking machine, just as artistically generous as few, always open to any kind of musical experience, incredibly humble when it comes to help obscure and underground profiled projects succeed. This time, immense Mr.Scary turns to his long time friend Jeff Pilson (along with Mick Brown and Brian Tichy) and gives a consecution to the Lynch/Pilson plan, who delivered the enormous Wicked Underground in 2003. The formula is the same that transversely marks Pilson’s War & Peace, the excellent Kill And Control by Lynch himself and the style that the two shared with Dokken. Added to this are five hits, extrapolated from classic Dokken’s catalogue and properly revitalized and personalized by the voices of Robert Mason (who sings, as always impeccably, in “It’s Not Love”), Dug Pinnick (imagine Jimi Hendrix struggling with “Tooth N’Nail” up there in Heaven), Sebastian Bach (beautiful his performance in “Alone Again”), Tim “Ripper” Owens (who further brutalizes and metalizes “Kiss Of Death”) and Jeff Pilson himself that appropriates of “Into The Fire” with natural nonchalance and an unusual arrangement. Disc that takes the old and the new, and interprets them with a creative polish and a powerful exuberance of sound.

We definitely want more, though.


01. Slave To The Empire
02. Sweet Unknown
03. Tooth & Nail
04. It’s Not Love
05. Rhythm Of The Soul
06. When Eagles Die
07. Into The Fire
08. Alone Again
09. Mind Control
10. Kiss of Death
11.  Jesus Train
12. Access Denied