LOUD! – “The Size Of Our Desires”, 08.11.2018

LOUD! - "The Size Of Our Desires", 08.11.2018

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JANEK SCHAEFER – Tree at the end of the world (“What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing”, Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR305, 2018)
LOW – Dancing And Fire (“Double Negative”, Sub Pop ‎– SP1250, 2018)
MARIA W HORN – Stramonium (“Kontrapoetik”, XKatedral ‎– XK12, 2018)
PUCE MARY – The Size Of Our Desires (“The Drought”, PAN, Pan87, 2018)
SATURN AND THE SUN – Pleasure is relief (“In Love With The Extreme”, iDEAL, ideal169, 2018)
GIANLUCA BECUZZI & MASSIMO OLLA – It Has Not Taken Long (“TheenD”, Luce Sia – 059, 2018)
WILLIAM BASINSKI & LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Mono No Aware (“Selva Oscura”, Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR312, 2018)
KLARA LEWIS & SIMON FISHER TURNER – 1-8 (“Clare”, Editions Mego, emego 253, 2018)
MURCOF – Chapitre II (“Lost in Time”, Glacial Movements, GM035,2018)
IPEK GORGUN – Mileva touch (“Ecce Homo”, Touch ‎– TO:106, 2018)

Loud! è un programma radiofonico in onda ogni 2 settimane su Radio Onde Furlane (Udine), radio libera e indipendente sui 90.00 mhz. Dal 1991 Loud! diffonde: elettronica, rock sperimentale, rumore, avanguardia. Questo programma è un veicolo per esplorare alcuni dei suoni più innovativi e stimolanti in circolazione. In Onda: GIOVEDI ore 21.30 // in replica domenica ore 24.00