BURNING RAIN, Epic Obsession

Burning Rain

If you can’t take the heat, avoid the fire, but, in case you thought you could make it, please, help  yourselves.

It’s logical to accept that history is made ​​up of concentric returns and events that recur every now and then. When it comes to Burning Rain, I have the impression that Led Zeppelin, Cactus and Montrose have just rejuvenated and made a journey of pleasure and decadence to Las Vegas. The St.John/Aldrich duo leads to unequivocal comparisons, as the chemistry between the two is more flamboyant than ever, and the new groovin’ machine featured by Mat Starr (Ace Frehley) and Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Dokken, House of Lords ) certainly does not take prisoners. The songs of these bad boys are always fascinating and enchanting but don’t think this is the same old blues again. It’s in the harmonies that this band knows how to be absolutely compatible with modernity and compete with the harshness of our time, sleazy, catchy, sexy and entertaining enough not to fall into an ordinary melodic hard rock easy listening.

When Burning Rain IV?


01. Sweet Little Baby Thing
02. The Cure
03. Till You Die
04. Heaven Gets Me By
05. Pray Out Loud
06. Our Time Is Gonna Come
07. To Hard To Break
08. My Lust Your Fate
09. Made For Your Heart
10. Ride THe Monkey
11. Out In The Cold Again
12. When Can I Believe In Love